Skirk's Calypso Shi'ich 'Grace' taken 07/2006

Skirk's Calypso Shi'ich

Grace is a small 11-12 pound blenheim (named after Blenheim Castle in England) Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sporting a straight, fine coat with well broken markings and a near 'lozenge' on the top of her excellently shaped head. She has long whispy ears, exquisite wide-set black-coffee colored eyes and a perfectly shaped arched neck. The feathering on her feet, legs and tail is amazing. The Cavalier's coat isn't fully grown in until they are around 15-18 months and you can see how long her hair already is at 7 months.

Grace can rightfully boast that she is of impeccable lineage owing her excellence especially to the Homerbrent, Homaranne, Salador, Tnegun (Irish), Ottermouth, Crisdig and Ttiweh champions who have earned their titles as English, Irish, Australian, South American, South African and very respectable International Champions. On one of her ancestors 6 generation pedigree alone I counted 46 champions!

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